XPS Winter Ice


Winter Ice Fishing Line,

Coated Fluorocarbon Line,

Made to Resist -25 °C  Degrees Celsius,

50 Metres Spool , No Memory.



Winter Ice is a New fluorocarbon line made through a very special production process, which integrate nano-particles of ceramic into a polymer matrix. Those particles, well known in the industry for their properties to resist any sharp step in temperature, protect the line’s core in ice-cold conditions, which are the worst enemy of line’s softness and breaking strength. The external fluorocarbon layer adds protection from abrasion, UV rays and aggressive agents. The final result is an extremely high performance line, destined to draw the attention of the northern European anglers who fish on ice, as well as the continental ones who like trout fishing, and who will appreciate its resistance to cut. Each spool is supplied with a soft, elastic ring which enables to pick up the needed segment of line; a typical sign of attention to user’s needs, which marks the Trabucco production since ever.

Additional information

Weight 19 g
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 2 cm

Ø 0.16, Ø 0.18, Ø 0.20


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