-40 °C  Degrees Celsius

25 Metres Spool,

Super Strong Line,

Low Temperature Tested,

No Memory.


Specific monofilament for the ice fishing or winter fishing in very cold waters. This special polymer has been developed to maintain its qualities of suppleness and resistance with temperatures up to -40 degrees. Coated by the new revolutionary ceramic process that seal the nylon avoiding the water a absorption and also maintaining the suppleness that is heavily harmed by the low temperature. Packed in spools of 25 & 50mts, with an heavy plastic shell that protects the line when stored. Crystal clear colour. Highly recommended also for commercial fisheries in winter.

Additional information

Weight 39 g
Dimensions 9 × 8 × 3 cm

Ø 0.18, Ø 0.20, Ø 0.25, Ø 0.30


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