Spin JIG CHIBI 27mm


Spin JIG CHIBI size 27 mm,

Sinking, Weight 4.7g,  Hook #14,

Depth – Variable, Ice Fishing,

Perfect to Tempt Predators Like Perch, Walleye and Trout.


The Spin Jig is a sinking lure built with a lead body representing a prey fish, dressed with holographic colors and with a “Willow” spoon imitating a flashing tail. It is equipped with chemically sharpened Power point trebles, finished in Black Nickel for long life sharpness, proportioned to size and weight of each model. The Spin Jig is very effective when used in lakes, fishing for zander and perch. We suggest an “up and down” retrieve. We also recommend you to use in the deeper parts of small rivers and streams to stimulate the bigger wild trout to attack.

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