Sniper Max 80XD


Sniper Max 80XD

Size : 80 mm / 28.0 g,

Action : Floating

Running Depth : 0-5 m,

Hooks : #4 Black Nickel


Sniper Max 80XD is a magnum sized body crankbait able to reach extreme depth with ease and able to get you in front of fish that you previously couldn’t reach with a crankbait! Designed to dive quickly and efficiently to desired depth with less drag than baits of a similar size, the Sniper Max 80XD maximizes your time in the strike zone, while adding a fish-attracting turbulence trail. The deflective bill design and its high buoyancy characteristics also allow it to back up and float out of snags. A bass sound rattle creates a light yet deep knocking sound as well that provokes strikes without spooking finicky fish. Sniper Max 80XD is designed to succeed where all the other failed!

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