Slurp Maggot


Slurp Maggot

Soft Lures 50 pcs.

Superior quality material,

Are packed in a preserving oil,

Natural fly larvae imitations,

Can be used in fresh and saltwater.



Slurp Maggot are Soft Lures and made of superior quality material, soft but still durable. These powerful scented lures are packed in a preserving oil that will maintain their outstanding performance. The Maggots are imitations of the natural fly larvae, the bait used throughout Europe, both in fresh and saltwater. The Slurp are produced with a silicone compound, which is soft and floating, therefore excellent to balance the hook’s weight and create a natural presentation. The new color Natural Red replicates the one used for the dyed maggots, commercially available in any shop: with the white (Natural White) it forms a pair of highly effective bait for all kind of fish and for all seasons. Beyond the convenience and easy storage, these baits can be used in water where the real maggots are banned.

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