SLURP Earth Worm


Earth Worm 35 pcs.

*Powered with Oil Fish Flavor*

Super Supple Action

Trigger Strike Scents


SLURP Earth Worm realistic imitation of the earthworm, with the elongated body made from “fish-friendly” synthetic materials that allow to obtain a very similar texture to that of the natural worm, but with the great advantage of being safe from easy damage, either during the hooking process or during the fight. It can be used in combination with other baits when fishing with the bombarda; hooked on a jig head to make it dance on the bottom and unleash the instincts of all predators; it can even be hooked at the center of the body, “wacky” style, to get a very natural fall to the bottom. The Earthworm are powered with fish flavor : when a predator bites, feels the taste and does not stop to bite the bait, allowing you to strike with the right timing.

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