Ready Rig Hook


Ready Rig Hook is a Traditional Combi,

2 pcs hook /6 pcs stopers,

Fluorocarbon and Kkarp 3X Link,

K-karp Rig Aligner to Achieve a Blow Back Effect.


The Casting Ready Rig Hook is a traditional combi, designed to dramatically reduce tangles during the casting. The first part is made of K-karp XTR Fluorocarbon and the following one is made of K-karp 3X Link, where it is applied a K-karp Rig Aligner to achieve a blow back effect. An Anti Snag hook has been used. This rig is consequentially very technical and it is the standard for the K-karp Team.

Additional information

Weight 8.00 g
Dimensions 29 × 5 × 1 cm

2, 4, 6


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