Reaction Rod Pod


Reaction Rod Pod,

Made of Strong and Light Weight Aluminium,

Possibility to Change the Configuration of the Pod Allows you to Pass from a 4 Legs Pod to a 3 One,

Perfectly Fit to Every Terrain, Making this Pod Absolutely Brilliant and Versatile.

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The range of use of this Reaction Rod Pod is really wide, it can actually be used both in a big lake or in a small canal, due to the adjustable legs, that can be extended up to an incredible length. It is the perfect solution too for the anglers that need to position the rods very high, pointing to the sky, to by pass obstacles close to the shore. But it can be the perfect solution also for the angler fishing in a more neat venue, where the rods can stay horizontal. The legs junction has been engineered with great attention, getting a new design that is perfect to perfectly fit to every terrain, making this pod absolutely brilliant and versatile. The possibility to change the configuration of the pod allows you to pass from a 4 legs pod to a 3 one, thus really covering every need. Every angler should have a pod like this! Made of strong and light weight aluminium.

Additional information

Weight 3600 g
Dimensions 95 x 30 x 15 cm


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