Neo X8


Neo X8 – braid line , spool 300 m / 330 yds.

Is the best for night fishing / Meilleur pour la pêche de nuit

Super Round Ultra Soft Braid

Super Soft & Smooth 8X HMPE

Japan Technology, High Cast Performance.

Available in : 0.23 Ø – 30 Lb / 0.28 Ø – 40 Lb / 0.33 Ø – 50 Lb.



With its bright yellow color, this Neo X8 -braid line simplifies the life of the user during the fishing action. Its great visibility is precious to detect even the slightest movement of the line, which can even anticipate the classic indication on the rod’s tip or on the electronic bite alarm. During the retrieve of the fish, it accurately indicates any changes of direction or speed, allowing you to release line when needed and prepare the landing net at the right time. All this is even more important in night fishing, when yellow color really makes much more difference. Presented in a brilliant packaging to capture the attention already on the walls of the store, it is proposed in the classic spools of 150 and 300 meters, in a truly complete range of diameters ranging from a fine 0,084 to robust 0,405. The spools are all in the Free Line Tension version to load the reel by pulling the line out of a side window of the plastic housing, without any damage risk, while the fingers of the free hand can modulate the tension as you like.

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0.23 Ø – 30 Lb, 0.28 Ø – 40 Lb, 0.33 Ø – 50 Lb


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