Method Box


Method Box Pellet 500g + 100ml,

Premium Quality Halibut Pellets 500 g,

Maros Mix Extra Activator 100 ml.


The premium quality Halibut pellets and the highly concentrated aromas make the Method Box one of the best Carp fishing bait. During the test year this bait proved its effectiveness in many different waters even when most of the other baits failed. Available in 500 g+100 ml pack. The Aroma: Every Method Box contain a 100 ml bottle of Maros Mix Extra Activator what is a delicious, concentrated liquid aroma. Thanks for the special ingredients, during dissolution, this additive spread horizontally on the bottom. The reason is because the Carp mainly feed near the bottom and the activator help them to find the bait much quicker.

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Chili, Green Betain-Strawberry, Honey, Pineapple, Sweet Strawberry


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