Kkarp BANDIT 3.35 m * 11 ft* 3.00 lb Test,

The action of this rod is semi-parabolic,

Super High Modulus Carbon.



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The action of Kkarp BANDIT rod is semi-parabolic, with a fast reactivity of the tip. We at K-Karp have chosen to design the Bandit to meet the needs of a wide audience: for beginners and for people needing a rod suitable for a number of demanding situations and finally for those who want a spare set of rods without giving up performance. The Super High Modulus Carbon delivers a power reserve to stand strong fight with big carp and to get extra casting distance. The rod is finished very well in every feature, including the laser engraved metallic bottom rod. Great value for money! The series include 11’ and 12’ models, matching the needs of people fishing from the boat. The Bandit is the solution to a common problem we have here at K-Karp: giving the best possible rod for the right amount of money.

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Weight 400 g
Dimensions 185 × 15 × 12 cm


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