Ground Baits Mix

!!!Available in 15 Flavors!!!

Ground Baits 1 Kg Series ECO,

Premium Quality Baits,

Sweet-Smelling, Quickly Dissolves

You have just to put water!!!

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Premium quality Ground Baits Mix for affordable price. Suitable for both float and feeder fishing methods. This mixtures are quickly dissolves and the sweet-smelling aroma easily spread in the water to attract fishes even from longer distance. From the fifteen different flavors of ECO ground baits the anglers can choose the most appropriate mix in all circumstances. If possible make the mixtures couple hours before fishing. Then will be the best of the dissolution. The composition of the ECO ground baits developed to work perfectly under selected circumstances and fish species.

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Anise, Carp CRUCIAN, Carp CRUCIAN RED, Cold Water, Extra FEEDER, Extra GRASS CARP, Feeder WINTER EXTRA, Garlic, Honey, Method Pellet, Method PELLET MIX, Method SEEDS MIX, Red CARP SPECIAL, Scopex, Strawberry, Vanilla, Winter BREAM, Winter EXTRA CARP


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