FX Link


FX Link 20m / 45lb,

Fluorocarbon 100 %,

Invisible in Water, Totally Waterproof,

Hi-Abrasion Resistance, Soft and Sinking.

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This new FX Link Fluorocarbon 100% has been developed by K-Karp team in conjunction with Dyna-Tex Fiber, world leader in the synthetic fiber’s industry, to offer the dedicated carp angler an ideal material to build up very special rigs. Beyond his property to be invisible in water, this product is totally waterproof, and this means that it’s abrasion free, UV safe and even oil and alcohol proof, so that it can’t be harmed by flavors and liquid additives. Even though it’s softer than most common Fluorocarbon materials, FX Link is heavier than nylon, so it sinks well, sitting on the bottom to create unobtrusive rigs. Consequently, rigs made from this product won’t spook wary carp at all.

Additional information

Weight 38.00 g
Dimensions 10.5 × 8 × 2 cm


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