Falcetto Lures


Falcetto Lures 8 pcs,

Active Formula,

Bait Power Scented.


The Yummy Baits are the trout’s favorite of all times! Their texture is really super soft, so soft you’ve never seen a similar bait. Fish will bite with confidence such a sweetly! Yummy Baits are elastic too, so they are super resistant and can be used and used again. The lifelike texture has been super charged with fish scent for extra trigger action. You never had such a powerful bait on your hook! In contrast to many other grubs, the Falcetto generates an high-efficient rotation movement thanks to its broad and short tail. Trout can thus easily detect these vibrations and smell the scent of the lure. Falcetto is anise scented in white color and fish scented in all other colors. Eight pieces in a resealable plastic bag. The broad and short tail generates a rotation and high frequency vibrations.

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