K-karp DRAKE LD * 8000

*6 Long Life Ball Bearings
*1 Long Life Roller Bearing
*Worm Shaft + SOS System
*Infinite antireverse “One way”
*Dual-Presettings Carp Runner Drag
*PTFE Drag Washers
*Water & Dust Proof Drag
*Line Guard Protectors
*AS Line Roller (antitwist system)
*Aluminium Power Fighting Handle
*Hollow Bail
*Graphite Spare Spool

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DRAKE LD was developed to meet the demand for products of high quality. A small forward movement of the handle, allows the angler to switch immediately from the free
runner drag to the main drag, ready to play the fish. The mechanism and gears used deliver the maximum guarantee of smoothness, reliability and durability. Worm shaft cross winder, CNC fighting handle and spare graphite spool. A beautiful combination of engineering and design available to K-Karp loyal fans.

6 Long Life Ball Bearings, 1 Long Life Roller Bearing, Worm Shaft + SOS System, Infinite antireverse “One way”, Dual-Presettings Carp Runner Drag, PTFE Drag Washers, Water & Dust Proof Drag, Line Guard Protectors, AS Line Roller (antitwist system), Aluminium Power Fighting Handle, Hollow Bail, Graphite Spare Spool

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Weight 805 g
Dimensions 19 × 17 × 13 cm


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