Bowed Minnow 3.54 inch


Bowed Minnow 90 mm/ 3.54 inch

Action : Floating – Top Water 7 g / 0.23 oz

Hooks : #08 Black Nickel

S – Concept Action, Dart Action,

Rattle Sound, Fixed Weight.

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The Bowed Minnow is a innovative lure, whose shape is different from the majority of existing hard baits on the market today. It can be retrieved in a variety of ways, but its movement will always be erratic and unpredictable. If retrieved slowly with small twitches, it simulates a small fish on feeding on the surface, chasing insects.  On a fast retrieve, it shakes with side lateral sprints or rips toward the bottom. This action imitates a stressed minnow or wounded bait fish, a perfect lure for every condition.

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